Dear Parents,

Re: Pneumonia Outbreak

In view of the the recent critical Pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan, Littleton would like to reassure you of all the hygienic precautions which have been in place and continuously observed strictly at all times.

1) 99.99% germs/virus free air purifier being switched on at all times
2) Zoono Globally approved monthly germs / virus free sanitisation throughout the whole playgroup
3) Zoono 24 hours germs / virus free hand sanitiser for everyone who enter the playgroup
4) Thorough sanitisation of all props, teaching materials, floor mats, tables and chairs after every lesson
5) Santization of all door locks and handles every hour
6) Students are required to have their hands washed and sanitised by Zoono 24 hours germs free hand sanitizer as soon as entering the playgroup
7) Students are required to put on their masks in the playgroup
8) Students/students whose family members have been to China in January are required to stay home for 14 days before returning to Littleton.

We are confident that with the disciplined cooperation of all staff, students, parents and helpers, we are able to maintain the highest standard of hygiene as well as keeping the Playgroup a safe place for your children to learn.

While the government has prolonged the Chinese New Year holiday in order to make sure that all students are kept safe at home, we at Littleton would like to inform you that all classes will resume as normal on the 29th.

Nevertheless, we could understand and respect your decisions if you would like to keep your children at home. In such case, Skype classes will be arranged so that your child can stay home to have lessons at your peace of mind. We highly appreciate parents cooperation in making the necessary arrangements with our Administrative Staff.

As for all PreNursery and Bilingual Nursery children, your holiday will be prolonged to end of March and hopefully we shall resume all classes in April. Kindly await our further notice accordingly.

Should there be any more questions, please feel free to contact us at 2940 0123.


縱然武漢肺炎肆虐, 我們一直執行以下措施,堅守 高度衛生的準則, 保障孩子的健康。

1. 使用 99.99% 無菌無病毒的空氣清新機
2. 使用Zoono 的霧化消毒服務
3. 使用Zoono 24小時長效殺菌的清手液
4. 每節課堂完結後, 均會徹底消毒曾被使用的物品
5. 每小時消毒門鎖及把手
6. 所有孩子進入本園都需要戴上口罩
7. 凡曾外遊的員工 / 學生 / 其家人, 須於回港後在家自行隔離14 日, 才能回到本園

我們有信心, 大家的自律配合,本園能維持高度衛生,讓所有孩子能安全地持續學習。
然而,如果家長需要孩子留在家中, 我們將安排視像教學, 以維持學習進度。 請各家長與我們配合。

至於幼兒班 / 幼兒雙語班, 假期將延長至本月31日, 期望課堂能於四月回復正常。

如有任何疑問, 請致電 2940 0123 查詢, 謝謝。