Dear Parents,

Kindly note that due to the recent new pandemic cases in town, Littleton has already taken extra precautions in making sure that our children and staff are all safe from the virus.

Since February this year, parents and aunties have to stay outside the playgroup door to pick up your children, and only 1 parent at a time, who needs to enquire about the courses are to stay in the playgroup reception area. Temperature has to be taken and hands to be sanitised before entering the playgroup.

We would very much appreciate it if parents would choose to use online or electronic payment as far as possible for paying the course fees.

In addition to the above, Littleton has been employing the Zoono sanitising service which is effective in killing the Covid 19 virus since 2016. All children and adults are utilising the Zoono 24 hours hand sanitisers upon entrance to the playgroup.

As for all classes, we are reducing the size to 6 children or less per lesson in order to maintain the highest hygienic condition and social distance among the children. Snacks time is either cancelled or conducted at separate tables which are kept apart at a distance bigger than 1.5 meters. As usual for the past 21 years, all materials used are sanitised after every lesson.

However, we do understand and respect that parents might choose to stop their children from attending classes due to various reasons. We would very much appreciate it if you could let us know *by WhatsApp or email as well as verbally informing the reception, one day in advance and we shall try to arrange for the make up classes for your children.
Thanks very much for your kind understanding and cooperation!

Yours sincerely,
Mable Tsang



從今天開始,父母和接送人仕必須待在門外等待孩子。我們每次只能接待一位需要查詢的父母進入接待區。並於進入小冬冬的接待處時,必須量度體溫及以Zoono 消毒液消毒雙手。

由即日起,我們每班的人數會進一步減少至1:4 或 1:6,以達致更好的衛生情況及社交距離。茶點時間將會取消或每位小朋友一張枱,每張枱相隔1.5米的情況下進食。一如以往21 年,所有使用後的物資會被消毒及清潔。

然而,我們明白及尊重有家長因疫情緣故而選擇暫停上課。*請需要請假的家長最遲於一天前用Whatsapp /電郵並電話通知我們,以便我們能作出相關安排。*




@Mable Tsang