Meet our Team 教學團隊

Founder and Managing Director – Mable Tsang

Inspired by her three daughters and her desire to contribute to the society, Mable founded Littleton Discovery Playgroup in July 1999, with an aim of providing high quality, innovative activities and stimulation to infants, children and teenagers.

Mable believes that all children should have the right to learn and express themselves in a happy, interesting and relaxing environment. She has a BA from The University of Melbourne, Australia, majoring in English and French, and a Professional Diploma in Child Psychology. Mable is a Kindermusik Licensed Educator since 2001 and was awarded the Maestro Certification by Kindermusik International for her outstanding achievement. She brought into the Playgroup at its very early stage, the Letterland Phonics, the Cambridge YLE, thereafter Cambridge KET, Cambridge PET, the Trinity Guildhall and Eye Level Maths Programmes. She also sits on the Board of the Child Psychoecology Foundation helping to develop parents’ awareness of the psychological wellbeing of children in Hong Kong and Asia and participated in charities which promote the welfare of women and children.


Mable相信所有兒童都應有權利在快樂、有趣和輕鬆的環境下學習和表達自己。她擁有由墨爾本大學頒發的文學學位,主修英文和法文, 並持有兒童教育心理學的專業文憑。自2001年起,Mable已是一位Kindermusik的註冊教育家,亦因她的優秀成就而獲得Kindermusik International頒發的Maestro Certification。小冬冬成立的初期,她已引入了Letterland拼音法、劍橋英語(YLE、KET、PET)、 聖三一英文口語考試課程和Eye Level數學課程等等。Mable是兒童心理環保基金會的前主席及現任幹事,並致力於提高香港的家長對兒童心理健康的認識。

English Group Leaders
Putonghua Group Leaders
Spanish / French Group Leaders
Eyelevel Group Leaders

Patricia joined us in 1999, is a degree holder of Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. She has more than 20 years of teaching experience with young children. She is the first Licensed Kindermusik educator in Hong Kong since 2001. Pat is a very devoted educator who is extremely patient and enthusiastic. She loves children and enjoys teaching them. Currently, she is responsible for running Kindermuik, PreNursery, Prep, Bilingual Nursery, Letterland and Trinity Guildhall Examination classes.

Mal has a Bachelor degree in English Language and has more than 10 years of experience in teaching English to children, teenagers and adults. She loves to incorporate new learning methods into classroom activities. She is very passionate and enthusiastic in teaching and has high responsibility about students¡¦ learning and always maintains a superb relationship with both parents and students.

Jain has extensive experience working with young children in Hong Kong. She received a diploma in Early Childhood Education and has been working in an international school more than ten years. She obtained a diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language and Phonics from the Hong Kong Baptist University. Jain is currently running our Letterland and Cambridge programmes on Saturdays.

Charles is a native English speaker who was brought up in Canada. He graduated from Trebas Institute and has been working as a teacher for more than 15 years. He is well trained and experienced in teaching children from centric perspective and good at using interactive and creative teaching methods in classes. Charles is an energetic, responsible and dedicated to the education industry. Currently, he is responsible for our Creative Writing with Mindmapping, Cambridge Examination, Trinity Guildhall Examination and Letterland Phonics programmes.

Boris received his university degree in English Education and has 8 years of teaching experience. He is a big fan of learning foreign languages himself! He has worked in Beijing for 8 years which made him a fluent Putonghua speaker. Boris has a young son and a daughter himself. Being a parent helps him to find the right approach to teach young children, which suits best their educational needs.

Veronica is a Native English speaker, brought up and educated in the English Schools Foundation in Hong Kong, and graduated from King George V School in 2013. Veronica earned her double degree on science and education, majoring in food and nutritional sciences and secondary education. She has extensive experience working with young children and has been working in international schools and schools in China for the past few years. She is now a secondary school teacher. Veronica is a talented and dedicated teacher who is always patient and enthusiastic in running her classes. She is currently running our Elite English program on Sunday. Veronica is well-loved by all children and parents.

Graduated from the Education University of Hong Kong with honours in English Language studies, Vivian was specialized in Childhood Bilingualism, Early Childhood Literary, emphasizing on Phonics and Phonology. Vivian has extensive experience teaching young children both spoken and written English. Her professionalism extends from perfect pronunciation to involving young children in active conversation with confidence. Vivian also possesses a Certificate in Play Therapy and has sat for several Phonics Teaching Programmes including the famous Letterland Phonics Programme.

Ronny joined us in 2017 as an English Groupleader. Graduated from the University of Exeters, Bachelor of Laws LLB, Ronny is currently a qualified legal practitioner. Highly passionate in spending time with children, Ronny took part as a volunteer in Ronald McDonald House Charities Hong Kong, taught underprivileged children English while he was still a Law student. Ronny is now responsible for our Trinity Guildhall Examination programmes and individual English classes.

Justine joined us in 2014 as a Playgroup Groupleader and Kindermusik License Educator. Graduated from Ateneo de Manila University, Bachelor of Arts major in Psychology and minor in European Studies, International Relations, she earned certificates from Kindermusik, IELTS and Letterland. Justine loves performing, she started her career as assistant manager of The Hotlegs Dance Company, Tap & Jazz Dance Educator for children and young adult and then at Disneyland. She has a very warm and welcoming personality.

Crystal is a native English speaker, brought up and educated in Toronto, Canada. After graduated with a Master Degree in Science at the University of Toronto, she moved to Hong Kong to further her study in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, doing Medicine. She has been teaching young children in playgroup classes, English programmes, science and STEM program for more than 6 years. Crystal is a charismatic, responsible and patient teacher who is well-loved by parents and children.

Ms Crystal 自小於加拿大成長、接受教育,並以英語為母語,畢業於多倫多大學的科學學系,於大學時期每年都取得傑出學術成績表現。隨後Ms Crystal 於多倫多大學取得碩士學位,畢業後回港就讀香港中文大學醫學院。

自2013 年開始,Ms Crystal 於不同中心任教幼兒班、英語、科學及STEM 課程。她是個開朗、有責任感、及耐性的導師,因此甚受家長及學生歡迎。

Ms Andrea is currently a part time NET teacher at various kindergartens. She has been a playgroup teacher at My Kiddy Gym for 8 years.

Ms Andrea has over 10 years experience working with children of all ages and abilities. She has worked as an art museum educator in United Kingdom for 5 years. Being an excellent communicator, friendly, patient, cheerful, passionate about teaching, Ms Andrea is well-loved by parents and children.

Ms Andrea 在英國成長及受教育,並於英國博物館任教5 年,回港後曾任教於My Kiddy Gym 8 年。Andrea 擁有10 年以上教學經驗,她曾任教不同年齡、不同學習能力的孩子。Ms Andrea 為人友善、開朗、對教學充滿熱誠,深受家長及學生的喜愛。

Born in Beijing, Li Laam is a native Putonghua speaker. She is gentle, patient, enthusiastic and has been teaching Putonghua to young children for more than ten years. Li's original career was a ballet dancer. She began her ballet training in Beijing at the age of 10 and received professional training in Classical ballet and Chinese dance from the Guangdong Ballet Academy. Li had won her first Silver Medal from the Youth Dancers competition at a very young age. After graduation, Laam joined the National Ballet of China and was soon promoted to be the Principal Dancer performing in major countries around the world, including Germany, Hungary and the U.S.

Ms Sze was born and brought up in Chongqing. Graduated from Chongqing Television Broadcast University, Ms Sze embarked her career in broadcasting and reporting. Ms Sze has received numerous awards at poem and speech competitions when she was young. She has also attained a Certificate from Putonghua Shuiping Ceshi (PSC) conducted by the State Language Commission in 2005. Influenced by her family, where most of the members are educators, Ms Sze started her education career since 2008. She believes every child is unique and talented; children's potential can be ignited with appropriate teaching methods. Most of the students she teaches have passed their examinations with flying colours!

Graduated from Sichuan Preschool Educators College in 1992, Ms Cheng Lai Chun became a qualified Preschool educator in Mainland. After coming to Hong Kong in 2010, Ms Cheng graduated from the ChineseUniversity of Hong Kong, attained professional qualifications of Putonghua Shuiping Ceshi, Diploma in Teaching Chinese Language (Putonghua), Teaching Putonghua to Kids and Certificate Programme in Putonghua. She has extensive teaching experience in various kindergartens and education cetres in Hong Kong for more than 4 years. Ms Cheng is a qualified Hong Kong Guoxue judge and Poem recital judge.

Ms Yu was born and brought up in Tian Jin. After graduated from Tian Jin Open University, Ms Yu embarked her career in the Tian Jin Television Broadcast. Ms Yu moved to Hong Kong and started her career in tutoring Putonghua since 10 years ago. Her students ranged from the age of 3 to secondary school students. She is also experienced in teaching adults too!

Flavia, a native Spanish speaker, joined Littleton in 2012 as a part-time native Spanish groupleader. Flavia gained her PhD Degree in Architecture from the University of the Republic Montevideo and had been working as an architect for more than twenty years. Flavia is a very creative person who has great passion in teaching and love conducting her classes in a very interesting and innovative manner. During the course of her professional career as an architect, she has never stopped teaching young children Spanish during her spare time. Her creativity and enthusiasm have driven her to design a lot of interesting activities and stories to enhance her Spanish classes.

Vanessa is a native French and Spanish speaker. Graduated from Ele internation Fle Alliance Francaise, she has attained high degree in Tourism from the Monastil school in Spain. Being an energetic, creative and positive lady, she enjoyed very much teaching young children Spanish and French.

Joyce joined us in 2016 as an Eyelevel Math Groupleader. She is currently doing Bachelor of Nursery at the University of Hong Kong. Joyce is a highly passionate and patience person. She has sat for all the training programmes of the Eyelevel Math Programme in order to become a qualified instructor and is currently teaching children from age 3 to 14.

Venus joined us in 2016 as an Eye Level Math group leader. She is an undergraduate student of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, currently doing English and English Education. Venus is a highly dedicated, enthusiastic and patient individual. Her examination results and high involvement at school has made her a well-loved student for years. Venus has sat for all the training programmes of the Eyelevel Math Programme in order to become a qualified instructor and is currently teaching children from age 3 to 14.