For 3.5 years old or above

  • most child-friendly, multi-sensory way of teaching children to read, write and spell
  • phonics are taught using a story-based approach
  • Reading sessions are included so to reinforce children’s literacy skills, phonics, spelling and grammar
  • Small class size of Group leader to student ratio = 1:8
  • Progress report and certificates are presented every level

適合 3.5 歲以上

  • 多感官的教學方式,讓孩子愉快學習閱讀、書寫及串字
  • 以故事的方法教授拼音
  • 課程加入閱讀環節,讓孩子使用所學的拼讀方法閱讀故事,加強他們的拼讀技巧
  • 小班教學,師生比例 1:8
  • 每完一階段均會有進度報告及證書


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